Introduce yourself 👋

Hello Everyone,

New to the Proptee Community? Welcome aboard!

I am Ben, an engineer, and co-founder of Proptee.

Proptee was born to solve the problems in the current real estate market. Our vision is to make property investing as easy as stock trading. No hidden fees, refurbishments, conveyancing, or tenant management. You can just sit down on your sofa and buy/sell a piece of real estate with a tap of a button.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and why you’re interested in property :city_sunset:



I’m Steve. I really like the sound of this project, looking forward to the launch.

Hi Steve! :tada:

Welcome to the Proptee community. I’m super glad to say that you’re our first member here.
Have you done any property investing before? :houses:


Hi Ben,

Thank you, that’s great, I’m please to be here.

No, other than the property I live in which I’ve mortgaged, this is all new to me. I invest in the stock market and have investments in some REITs but nothing like this.

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Hey Guys!

I am Csongor and I am very excited about this idea. I am looking forward to see what you guys will accomplish! Looks promising for now that’s for sure!


Sounds like you’re financially well prepared. I hope Proptee will help you to diversify your portfolio even further.


I’ve seen you hacked our waiting list. Smart :handshake:

Hi there,

I’m Kasper and I’m really looking forward to this project. I like the idea of owning property and collecting the rent, as I currently do with my REIT stocks, so this will be interesting to see how it all works out!

Hello Kasper :wave:

Welcome to our small, growing community. Thanks for the Twitter follow too. :v:
Which is your best performing REIT?

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My best performing REIT has to STAG Industrials, got a decent return on them to date :smiley:

I missed STAG. :confused: Since march it’s doing quite well :chart:
I bought NRZ 4 days ago and it went up 10% right away! I was so lucky. :money_with_wings:

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@BenToth I’ve shared your website in a discord group I’m in, looks like some of the group find the idea as interesting as I do. I see @Kasper has joined the community, nice to see you here too @Kasper.


Thanks @SteveM24 for sharing. Our community is growing every day thanks to the people like you :muscle:
What was the feedback in the discord group?


Hey there,

My name’s Jonathan and I think this is such a cool concept! Can’t wait to browse the properties after launch. Shoutout to SteveM24 for posting this in that Discord - the feedback over there’s great so far! Couple of YouTube CCs run it so you might get some coverage if you’re lucky :wink:


Hi Jonathan, :wave:

Thanks for joining our community! We’re glad to hear you like Proptee. Can you share more on the feedback there? We’re planning to reach out to a couple of youtube guys to get their feedback. Hopefully, we’re gonna get lucky in your discord channel :wink:

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@BenToth the general feedback is people think it’s a great new idea. People seem to like the idea of picking properties to invest in. There’s quite a few dividend investors on there so I’m sure the monthly rental income will interest that style of investor.


Good to know @SteveM24. So far, we see that our strongest selling point is the monthly rental income/dividend. :money_with_wings:


Hey Ben!

I am Jack and really like the sound of this app - when is it due to launch and how do we make sure we don’t miss out! Love the idea!



Hi Jack! :partying_face:

I’m glad to hear you like it! We’re planning to launch Proptee in January. Right now, we’re working super hard to get everything ready asap.

To make sure you don’t miss out, follow us here and on Twitter, where we share all the updates. You’ll be able to open an account, once you’re off the waiting list. We will send you an email when this happens with a link to download our app. The higher your position on the list, the sooner you’ll get access to our properties. :houses:

@jackbailley How did you find us?

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Excellent news! Can you let me know where I am on the list? I invited a few friends…!

I saw it shared on the Monzo community and thought it sounded exciting and something I’d like to be involved in!