Welcome to the Proptee Alpha

Welcome, @nicginvesting, @Rob, @ap.scott to the initial version of Proptee alpha. You are literally the first ones! :tada:

In this release, we need you to test the absolute core functionality of Proptee:

  1. Placing BUY and SELL orders for any of the 3 properties currently listed. Please try many different prices to be matched with each other often.

  2. Checking that your Portfolio screen of the app is always correct.

Everything else is a work in progress, but do feel free to play around. Tip: you can deposit as much fake money as you want. :wink:

If something breaks, you can reach us any time on Twitter or here.

PS. With your help, we’ll have an awesome app in a month’s time. :cool:

Hi Ben I’m being asked for a Verification code

Go to the email we sent you and click the button.

Literally just saw it come through after I sent that message :tired_face::rofl:

So typical haha :laughing:

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Guys, can we have a short Zoom call with you (1 on 1) about how you used the app and to hear your personal feedback? Would you be up for it?

Hi Ben, I’m happy for that. When you thinking? I’ll have to fit it in between home schooling a five year old but I could do with the break :sunglasses:

Anytime when you want Rob. I will share my personal zoom link here, so just lmk when you have time and we will jump on a call.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 509 954 9047
Passcode: Xxq5Ju


Hi @Alpha_Testees :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We have a new version out, please update the app in TestFlight to be able to test it.

We fixed:

  1. The Buy & Sell order screens’ bug. The screens don’t jump around anymore and switch randomly between the Buy and Sell pages.
  2. We added your pending orders and holdings onto the property screen.
  3. The chart shows real price data of executed trades now. It’s not fake anymore.
  4. During the registration process, manually pasting the verification code in the text field now works. So, if the button doesn’t work, you can just copy-paste the code.

What to test?

  1. The same as yesterday, please submit buy and sell orders. Please also, try with amounts that can possibly break the app.
  2. Checking that your Portfolio screen of the app is always correct.

Also, if you find anything suspicious, please report it. :iphone: