We got 150 sign-ups today and we didn't know from where

It started with:

This is a screenshot from Slack, our internal communication tool. PITA is our automated virtual assistant. She notifies us every time someone joins the waiting list (including their #position), so we can celebrate. :smiley:

5 minutes later, boom:

More sign-ups than we had seen in a week!

I tried to find where they were coming from, but Google Analytics (the tool that counts how many visitors we get on proptee.io) just said they’re coming from a search engine. Not very helpful:

I checked Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and nothing particularly interesting happened today.

Clearly, I was clueless:

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 18.00.05

And no one from the team knew anything:

My conversation with @BenToth.

As I kept searching for the source of our high spirits today, even more people came to our website:

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 18.00.13

And the sign-ups kept coming in:

Then I emailed a few of the people who joined today and… *drumroll* *drumroll*

A TikTok creator (Revilo) posted a review of Proptee that had 4,000 views in just 1 hour.

Give him a :heart: from us:

And last but not the least, welcome to our new members @Kelshaw97, @Phalon, @Abhi26!