The Proptee Public Product Roadmap is here

The Proptee Public Product Roadmap

At Proptee, we believe that as a company, we do better if we share everything with our community and gather feedback during every phase of the development process.

We think that no matter what type of business you’re in, having set goals and objectives written down massively increases your chances of success.

Following our own intuition and getting inspired by companies like Trello or Monzo, we have decided to put together an overview of our product roadmap on a public Trello board.

View our public roadmap.

Please take a look and let us know what you think on the forum. We encourage you to vote on features in Trello as the vote counts will be taken into account when deciding what to build next.

We’ll do our best to keep the Trello board updated and notify you about any new killer features that are coming up. We’ll share the important new cards on our Twitter, so please don’t forget to follow us there.

You can read our entire blog post here!

We know the roadmap can be a bit confusing, as you haven’t seen our app yet. We’ll start Alpha testing very soon and everything will make sense.


Very insightful! When are you alpha testing the Android app? I noticed the blog post says next week for IOS

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Yes, you’re right @Connor82. The Android version will come after the iOS app. I cannot tell you an exact timeline, but once the iOS is working, we’ll start the android version too. We’re still a small team, so sometimes we need to make these hard decisions of what to build first. This time, it was the iOS version.

I’ve added “Android app” to the roadmap. :wink:


Looking forward to seeing it. I’m going to check out the road map now to see what’s planned.


I had chance to check out the roadmap yesterday. Looks great with some really good ideas. I like that your looking at real time updates as this would be crucial.

I also like that you are looking at adding information about the property and the tenants. Other brokers of stocks seem to display information that is out of date and not accurate, you then have to hit the internet to do your own research on the company. I think a key point to this will be knowing that the information is as up to date as it possibly can be.