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Feedback on the Portfolio screen

Just a couple of things on the portfolio screen. My portfolio value at the top doesn’t seem to correspond to the amount I have in my properties section. Also would you be able to add a function to cancel pending orders

Your portfolio value = deposited money (not used yet) + sum of the current value of all shares you own. So we add the money that you haven’t invested yet to your property portfolio value. Does it add up now? We didn’t find a bug with that.

Yes, it’s annoying that you can’t cancel pending orders yet. We’re adding that to the next release as we will build that tomorrow.

On every release, Apple review takes around 2 days. The one that we submit tonight will be available within 2 days. So the next one after this will be submitted tomorrow night and comes out on Sunday (this will include the cancel_pending_order function).

Yes it adds up now thanks, it looked strange to me at first but it’s because I had a pending purchase which I wasn’t adding my my figures.

Thanks for your answer on the cancel pending orders.

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Yes, the pending orders don’t count in the portfolio as these ones weren’t purchased yet, therefore they’re not bought or sold yet.

So, I think one really useful touch would be that when on the portfolio screen, you are able to click on one of the properties in your portfolio and you are taken to the properties page with the details of profit / loss etc are held. At the moment, to buy more of the property you have to search for it on a the market tab


OK, understood! We will have a look at it.

I think this has already been mentioned, but I can’t find anyway to cancel pending orders at the moment?

Yes, we’re building that feature right now. Will let you know as soon as it’s out!

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Will we eventually be able to click on the individual properties in our portfolios so it take us to the share price / property information
Like when your looking at it on the market tab ?

@nicginvesting Yes, definitely! We’re working on this too, clicking on a holding or pending order should take you to that property (in a future release).

Later we’ll improve this further to show more details about the holding or pending order you tapped on.

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Not sure if it’s just me but has the portfolio screen stopped loading since the update. Mine just constantly has a spinning circle?

Hey @Rob, thanks for letting us know. I’ve just fixed this issue, can you please try again?

The issue was connected to the new feature — the Portfolio tab updating in realtime.

All sorted, thanks Alex :+1:

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Would it be possible to add “average purchase price” of my investments to the portfolio screen and also under the (holdings) tab in the market screen.

This will make it a little easier to work out how much I have invested over all in property and if I am up or down on my investment.

Hey @Rob, thanks for the suggestion.

We’ve just added this feature! (only on the property screen for now)

You can see the average price you paid per share and the gain or loss. Note that these refer only to your current holdings.

Let us know what you think :slight_smile:

Spot on :+1: exactly what I was thinking.

Also would it be possible to have a slight more emphasis on the expected/potential dividend return

Maybe another box underneath the valuation tab. Also maybe some sort of dividend tracker in the portfolio tab.

Dividend tracking can be very difficult with other brokers


I’m going to focus on other features for the next few days so I’m going to add your suggestions to our internal task manager:

  • expected/potential dividend return (another box underneath the valuation tab)
  • some sort of dividend tracker in the portfolio tab
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