Need your feedback on our new website

Today, we’re launching our new website. We need your help to polish it! What do and don’t you like about it?


Absolutely love the landing page! You’ve captured the trending modern minimalist look well. Love the snapshots of what it could be one day. Good luck to the team! :muscle:


I love the clean layout of the site and how minimalistic it is.

My main concern is this:

Why is the chart in $ and not in £? Does this suggest that there will be US property available too?

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@Kasper thanks for the feedback. We’re planning to have only UK properties at the beginning, but yes, this hints at our expansion plans. :us:

@Ginger_Downing Can I quote your feedback in a new blog post I am writing?

Yeah of course mate. Hope it’s helpful - can’t wait to read it

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Thanks :raised_hands: