Investing in digital land/metaverse

Hey Guys,

Referring back to yesterday’s Nothing Fancy issue, we’re in discussion with some digital land/estate owners who would be happy to list their lands on Proptee. We can buy these lands and invest in them the same way as we’ll with real properties.

Are you interested in this kind of investment? Should we go for it?

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If you want to read the post again, you can do it here.

Love the idea of this, would be interesting to see how it works!

Any idea when the next version of the app will be released? :blush:

Cool! :slight_smile:
Yes, I hope we can show you the new version in 2 weeks. :crossed_fingers:

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Yes, although I have not done much research into this at all. The concept seems very interesting and it gets the foot in the door with the crypto community.

Again you will be taking something potentially difficult and expensive to purchase in its own right and make it simple easy and affordable to invest in via Proptee.

Hey Rob,

Nice to meet you.

Yes, that’s exactly right, we want everyone to be able to access ownership of these assets without needing a significant amount of capital.

If you’ve already read issue #3 and you’re interested in reading more about digital land have a look at this land plot that sold for a whopping $2.43 million.

Hey Saad,

Thanks for that just had a good read of the article and went onto look into decentraland a little bit more. It’s certainly an exiting time with more people getting involved, and has so much potential.