Help us design: the Property screen


We’re looking for feedback on how to design the Proptee app.

Would you prefer that when you click on a property…

:a: By default you see the property details first?
:b: By default you see the price, buy/sell buttons, and owned quantity first?

  • property details first
  • price and buy/sell first

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Really depends in what context you are at. If search for props then prop. details with the addition of the price

If looking a portfolio then buy/sell details

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Thanks Ian, good point!

Would it be possible to see the spread prior to making a purchase?

This is something that a lot of people found frustrating with other brokers and has just recently been introduced.

I personally would like to know that if I was to purchase a stock then how much am I going to immediately down by due to the spread.

Yes, we will have an open order book possibly on our website for people to check prices. Also, in the beginning, we will only allow people to place limit orders - so you will have to tell how much you want to invest and how many shares you want to buy for that amount.

In this way, the trades will only execute when you’re matched with somebody at that price. Thus, you will not experience that you’re already down because of the spread. :facepunch:

Once we introduce market orders, the max we can do is to show you our order book with all the bid ask prices, so you get an idea of what you’re going to be matched with.

Thanks for that reassuring answer :+1: looking forward to seeing the app in action

Thanks, @Rob. I added the open order book functionality to our roadmap. :open_book: :iphone:

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