Happy new year - 2021

As far as I can see nobody has contributed since the new year.

I just wanted to start it off by asking do you have any sneak peaks or news about what to expect throughout the year.

I had heard you had an expected launch date of the end of January. Are you still on target for this?

Do you have any news on the number of properties you might have listed?

Again happy new year everyone :+1:


Happy New Year! :fireworks: :fireworks:

Thanks, @Rob for starting 2021 here. Right now, we’re working hard on our app and backend to start alpha testing very soon. :rocket:

We’ll share a few exciting news with you about our team, fundraising, and FCA regulation in the next couple of days, so stay tuned!

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Looking forward to it. It must be a busy time for you so keep up the good work. :+1:

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Happy new year all!

Excited for the launch of the app soon :smiley:


I saw your roadmap, thank you for sharing. Will you also share some timelines, e.g. when do you expect the app to be live, when do you expect FCA approval?

Thank you

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Hi @MoLue,

Welcome to our community! :wave:
We’re starting alpha testing next week, which will transition into a Beta testing period. After we finish the Beta, the app will go live. I cannot give you an exact timeline yet, and we don’t want to disappoint anyone by not meeting these deadlines. We’re working super hard every day to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Join our Alpha testing to help make Proptee go live sooner! We will share the registration link later today.

:+1: sounds like things are starting to come together nicely.

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Hi Ben
thank you for your response, i am looking forward to seeing your new version. I would be interested to learn more about your general approach.

Could we have a chat ?


Sure @MoLue! Please email me at ben@proptee.io so that we can fix a date and time.