Currency choice

Hey! I noticed in your latest email that you mention the stock currency will be EUR. I just wondered what the rationale for that choice was when the majority of properties you seem to be targeting are in the UK?

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Thanks for getting in touch

We’re going to be launching with EUR initially because we will be listing properties from Europe and UK. After listening to our waiting list this seemed to be the better option, users can provide more liquidity. This way we can allow our investors to invest in more areas with one currency. You will still be able to deposit GBP but it will just be exchanged into EUR.

I hope I have made that clear. We will post about this in our blog later today in more detail, which will hopefully answer all of your questions.

Thanks for the reply. Totally makes sense, I appreciate the explanation :+1:t2: Enjoyed reading this weeks newsletter. As someone that pays an extortionate amount of rent per month it does put things in perspective!

In terms of the private beta, are the alpha testers going to get access too I assume :blush: looking forward to investing in the revolution!

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